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The Walking Dead - “Strangers” Review

******************************OBVIOUS SPOILERS****************************


The fifth season of The Walking Dead continued down the path to darkness with its second episode “Strangers.” In this episode, Rick and the rest of the group left Terminus behind them and ran into a new character: the cowardly Father Gabriel. Upon saving Gabriel and going back to his church, Rick suspected that something was clearly amiss. After some searching, Rick couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong with Father Gabriel’s setup. Regardless of what was wrong with the church, the group needed supplies so the group split up and went into town. 

The show focuses primarily around newcomer Father Gabriel who is unlike any character that the show has had before. Father Gabriel is as spiritual as Hershel was, but he acts like he’s never had any form of contact with the undead. Anytime he was attacked there was absolutely no sense of self defense, he is the most fearful of the walkers of anyone on the show right now. That being said, the ending suggests that Father Gabriel has done some messed up things in the past. I’m sure we’ll find out the details soon enough.

There was also some great character interaction again though. Tyrese has officially become Judith’s bodyguard, Rick had a creepy discussion with his son about people, and Tara and Maggie’s moment together tugged at one’s heartstrings. It also looked like Rick and Ford were going to butt heads this week, but it seems like (for now anyways) that the two will be friends as they agreed that heading to Washington DC is the best option. 

I’m a little fearful for the group though after this week. Daryl and Carol found the car that Beth was taken away in last episode, and the duo chased after it.  Also, at the end of the episode, Bob was kidnapped by Gareth and his Terminus posse. It’s so great to see that the Terminus citizens aren’t completely gone because they take the show to a whole new deliciously dark level (see what I did there?) Gareth doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, and it looks like the body count between the two groups is going to rise. 

With a lead on Beth’s whereabouts, Gareth and the rest of Terminus back in action, and the ominous Father Gabriel, there’s a lot to look forward to (and fear) this season!  8.75/10

Weekly TV Reviews: 10/19/14 - 10/25/14

It’s Sunday which means the beginning of another week of TV Reviews! AHS Freak Show had the best episode last week, but who will win this time?

The Simpsons - “Treehouse of Horror XXV”


It’s unreal how long The Simpsons have been around, and their Tree House of Horror specials are always highly anticipated by fans of the series. This year’s special had the Good, the Bad, and the Eh. The first bit had Bart and Lisa going to Hell, and Bart realizing he found his true calling torturing people. All in all it wasn’t really funny at all. The second short “A Clockwork Yellow” was the highlight of the episode. There were a lot of laughs to be had if you had seen the movies it was spoofing. The accents were thoroughly amusing, and the IPhone joke was hysterical. The third was decent. The compare and contrast between old and new Simpsons was amusing to see, but that was about it. There was also a terrifying (yet sort of funny) bit with Groundskeeper Willy in the episode that saved it from having essentially no laughs. All in all I’d say it was a pretty decent Halloween at The Simpsons household this year. 7/10

Family Guy - “Baking Bad”


The premise of this episode seems way too familiar. Peter and Lois started a business, only to have it (you guessed it) ruined by Peter who turned it into something raunchy and inappropriate. There were a few laughs towards the end, but nothing overly hysterical. Meanwhile, Stewie got addicted to cold medicine which was….. not really that funny at all. Both story lines were rehashed ideas with different subject matter.Yes, some of the takeaways were amusing, but it was typical new Family Guy which is never good. 5/10

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South Park

The Evil Within Is Terrifying

Your team gets a call-in about multiple homicides taking place at Beacon Hospital. You and your partner go in, guns handy, and find the place is covered in corpses and blood. After a quick scan of the room, your partner finds a survivor amongst the massacre. Along with the survivor is the security footage of the hospital. While viewing, you see the cause of the slaughter: a hooded, teleporting man with a demented face. In a flash, the man teleports directly behind you and renders you unconscious.

You awake hanging by your feet surrounded by corpses hung in a similar manner. As you regain consciousness, a large threatening man is before you, cutting a corpse in half and dragging it into the other room. Suddenly you notice a corpse near you has knife in its chest. This could be your once chance of escape. You begin swinging yourself towards the body before you until you’re able to grab the knife.

Once free, you walk towards the nearest door only to realize it’s locked and the closest key is near the not so friendly butcher. You begin tip toeing closer to the butcher and when the moment is perfect, you grab the key and gingerly walk back towards the door. The door is unlocked and you finally begin your escape when suddenly all you can hear is a chainsaw revving behind you.

The Butcher has found you. 

The only option is to run, so you sprint down the hallway in front of you, the Butcher, however, is hot on your tail and gaining speed. Upon making it to the door, the Butcher swings his chainsaw at you, cutting the back of your leg. You’ve been reduced to a limp, but instead of chasing you, the Butcher stays back and pulls a lever causing the walls around you to reveal large blades. The blades begin closing in, but at the end of the hall you notice a door on the ground that leads towards a basement. Limping forward, the blades continue to get closer to you. The means of your escape is so close yet, it seems like the blades will get to you first. Luck is on your side though, and you make it just in time…

…or so you think. 

The door leads to a chute that is filled with blades similar to the previous room. Sliding at breakneck speed, you barely make it through with your life and you end up in a pool of blood. You’re now drenched in blood and can’t help to think that your situation can’t get any worse, of course you know that’s wishful thinking You limp into a hospital room, and realize the Butcher is looking for you yet again with chainsaw in hand. Crippled and with no way to fight back, all you can do is hide and hope for the best.

Welcome to Chapter One.

I’m not sure when exactly I’ll be completing The Evil Within, but when I do you can be sure to expect a full review from me. This is definitely one of the most intense Survival Horror experiences to come out in recent memory. Finding ammo, health, and gel (currency for upgrades) is like finding a leprechaun. You search, and search, but when you find it, it’s never enough and that’s a good thing. I’m only four chapters into the game, but experiencing enemies is always terrifying because you’re so ill equipped for every single situation. The player has to use anything and everything around him/her to SURVIVE from the HORROR. I doubt I’ll ever feel like I’ll have the upper hand in this game, and I hope I never do. The game (so far) has taken inspiration from so many different horror movies and video games. It truly is the spiritual predecessor of Resident Evil 4, and uses elements from films like Saw and The Grudge (and used well actually). There has also been a great psychological aspect to it that makes the entire game mind bending. Finally, this game has been EXTREMELY challenging so far. It’s not hair rippingly hard as of now, but it definitely gives one a challenge. The only gripe I have as of now is that Sebastian (the protagonist) has a ridiculously bad amount of stamina which makes running away from enemies frustratingly difficult, also sometimes sneaking up behind enemies for stealth kills doesn’t work. I’ll creep up behind an enemy then when I’m right behind them, they suddenly turn around and notice me…

The negatives aren’t enough to ruin the terrifying experience I’ve had so far though. I only completed four chapters because after that I just couldn’t handle anymore. Chapter 4 has one of the most terrifying creatures gaming has seen in a long time, and is one I will not soon forget. I’m hoping to complete this game within the week (depending on how driven I am after work), but I’m going to give it a tentative score now! 


Top Ten Nightmare Before Christmas Covers

I wanted this week’s Top Ten to be Music and Halloween themed. After some thought, it seemed perfect to compile a list of the ten best covers from the insanely amazing movie The Nightmare Before Christmas! The movie features one of the best soundtracks all of time, and some bands put some amazing work into making these classics even better! This list is to honor some of those covers! Yes, there are only two albums that feature such covers, but I assure you, they’re all great!


Kidnap The Sandy Klaws - Korn

No band on either album did their cover better than Korn. Honestly, the band was destined to do this song. Korn always has such dark lyrics and the vocalist is downright creepy. Korn’s sound meshes perfectly with Kidnap The Sandy Klaws, and although Jonathan Davis doesn’t have any back up vocalists, him using different keys to symbolize the three children singing in the original is a stroke of genius. It even makes it better due to the fact that it sounds like the person in the song is insane and talking to himself. This cover shows just how demented the original actually is. I don’t know if Korn has ever played this song live, but they definitely should.

Top Ten Nightmare Before Christmas Covers


Making Christmas - Rise Against

Oh the temptation to make this song #1… but alas I have to admit one band did happen to out do my favorite band Rise Against. Anyways, This song strikes the perfect balance of the original with Rise Against’s style. Tim McIlrath does no wrong vocally, and the inclusion of other vocalists for the townspeople was great! The song even relates with the type of songs Rise Against normally does! One could easily argue that they chose this song for its look into the labor workforce (see what I did there?). Rise Against even put a solo in it. Well done! They couldn’t do better, yet there is one song that’s better.

Top Ten Nightmare Before Christmas Covers

What’s This? - Fall Out Boy


It’s the same song Flyleaf did, but they couldn’t sound more different. This version gets the feel of the original perfectly. They even include the intro of when Jack falls into the tree into Christmas Town. This song instantly makes Christmas Town seem like a beautiful and exciting place, just like the original intended!!!

Top Ten Nightmare Before Christmas Covers


This Is Halloween - Marilyn Manson

I’m sure a lot of people reading this list were expecting this to be #1, and really, the next four could be placed in any order and still be a worthy list. Manson makes this song genuinely creepy and takes everything good about this classic and makes it a Manson classic. I wish he’d play this at concerts because this is a favorite of mine. Who else could tackle this song for a cover and do it the same amount of justice? Not many.

Top Ten Nightmare Before Christmas Covers


Poor Jack - Plain White T’s

Whatever happened to this band? While I never really listened to them, when I heard them I always thought they were pretty decent. This was always a favorite though. While the singer doesn’t do much to change the song to the band’s style, he does a very faithful cover to the original and puts so much emphasis on the parts of the song that really need it. Now that I think of it, maybe the band is in the cave Jack mentions in the song… mind blown.

Top Ten Nightmare Before Christmas Songs


Oogie Boogie’s Song - Tiger Army

You’re probably reading this thinking “Who the hell is Tiger Army?” and I the only answer I have is that they’re the band that does the awesome cover of one of my favorite Disney Villain songs! Nothing like a good ol’ song about cannibalism to put you in the mood for Halloween and Christmas eh? This song would be a lot higher on the list, if the band had someone actually say Sandy Klaws’ parts too instead of awkward silences…

Top Ten Nightmare Before Christmas Covers


Jack’s Lament = All American Rejects

Nightmare Revisited was such an amazing idea that was executed incredibly well. This is one of the many great covers on the album (more are on the list as I’m sure you can guess!) I love the approach the band takes with this song. The band clearly gets into it, and it’s a fun cover overall. The singer’s voice is a little high for the song’s content, but All American Rejects did an awesome job on this song!

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