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Ten Favorite Anberlin Songs


Godspeed (Cities)

When I saw them live, they opened with this song and it sounded even more phenomenal live than it does in studio. The opening guitar riff is sick, then it’s followed up by some of Stephen’s great wails and some awesome drumming. The lyrics are really memorable and paint a picture in your head while the chorus sticks with you. Musically it’s simply their best work and there’s basically nothing that I would change about this song! Anberlin will always hold a special place in my heart for several reasons and although I’m sad to see them end, I’m glad they ended on such a phenomenal note. The band is beginning their world tour soon, and I hope to catch them one last time as a final goodbye.

Ten Favorite Anberlin Songs


Feel Good Drag (New Surrender)

This song has a sentimental meaning to me. This is the first Anberlin song I ever heard and I first heard it on Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock. This was the first song I played on the game and it started off the night where I made my first group of friends at college. Those friendships will last the rest of my life, so every time I hear this song I instantly think of all my now fraternity brothers! This song has the best chorus of any of their songs and some of the best lyrics the band has written. That being said I have one more song I like more, and any fan of the band can guess what it is at this point…

Ten Favorite Anberlin Songs


Paperthin Hymn (Never Take Friendship Personal) 

These last three songs were difficult to pick the order for; they’re essentially interchangeable. On the spectrum of their songs, this one falls right in the middle of their slower more emotional songs and their edgier energetic power songs which is why I love this song so much! Also, Stephen’s vocals are at their best in this song for me, and I absolutely love the lyrics!

Ten Favorite Anberlin Songs


The Resistance (New Surrender)

I know I keep repeating myself, but damn is Anberlin just so damn catchy. I think that’s obviously what made them fairly popular! Although I always thought they were under appreciated. This song set the the standard for what is undoubtedly one of their best albums if not their best. 

Ten Favorite Anberlin Songs


Dissenter (Lowborn)

Now we’re switching from the great to the AMAZING songs! Seriously where the hell did they come up with this song??? There’s no other song of theirs I can think of that showcases this level of intensity and ferocity by the band (maybe ONE other… hehe foreshadowing). Everyone is giving it their all in this song and it’s apparent that there was a lot of emotion behind the writers of this song. It just oozes from Dissenter. Hands down my favorite song on their last album! 

Ten Favorite Anberlin Songs


Desires (Vital)

Vital was in my opinion one of their weaker albums, but it was by no means terrible. Desires was the standout for me though. Probably the slowest song on the list, Desires is as catchy as the band’s most popular works and has a distinct sound that makes it the most memorable in the album.

Ten Favorite Anberlin Songs


Ready Fuels (Blueprints for the Black Market)

This is the song that started it all! Undoubtedly the most popular song on their debut album, Ready Fuels is a self-explanatory song that showcases the band’s edgy pop rock blend that made them so popular over the years. Stephen Christian is an obvious star in this one!

Ten Favorite Anberlin Songs


We Are Destroyer (Lowborn)

The album featuring this song was released just two days ago and I am already obsessed with it. Honestly I think its their best work besides New Surrender. There’s a great energy with this opening song that counterbalances the slower songs throughout the album. They did a great job changing up their styles as the album progressed. 

Ten Favorite Anberlin Songs


Never Take Friendship Personal (Same Named Album)

Anberlin can be so sad, but damn do they sound so good. Never Take Friendship Personal is another “cheery” song by the band that showcased the band’s growth from their original album debut. Anberlin never really slipped up in their work, but this song was the statement that the band was continually going up! 

Ten Favorite Anberlin Songs


Breaking (New Surrender)

I’m sad to say I only heard of this band 4 years ago, but it will always hold a special place in my heart because it was basically the gateway to me making my group of friends my freshmen year of college! I’ve listened to all their albums and I’ve gotten to see them live since, and since I’m heartbroken to see them end, I thought I’d compile a list of my 10 favorite songs by them!

Starting it off is Breaking which is a great song to listen to when that crush of yours has either pissed you off or broken your heart. The song has a great chorus and features a good chance of tempo throughout the song!

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