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World On Fire - Review


Whoa baby.

The music world got an amazing gift yesterday in the form of Slash’s new album “World On Fire.” Slash has given us the Rock album music needed, and not the one we deserved.

But he didn’t do it alone!!! Slash was once again accompanied with Alter Bridge’s vocalist Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators! It’s well known throughout the music industry that Slash is one of the greatest guitarists of all time, and Kennedy and the Conspirators definitely found their comfort zone with this new album. The album opens up with the title track World On Fire which is bursting with energy, and the record doesn’t let up for a moment the entire 17 track list. 

You read that right, the album features 17 songs!! Most albums that have a track number this high tend to go for quantity over quality. World On Fire does not have a single bad track on it. Slash’s guitar work is stunning throughout the entire album, and some of the riffs he comes up with for the album are nothing short of phenomenal! Some of Slash’s best works on the album are Safari Inn, Automatic Overdrive, and Beneath The Savage Sun. 

The insanity of Slash’s shredding could only be accompanied by a voice as powerful as Myles Kennedy’s. The force of his vocals behind Slash’s guitar makes a combination that will make any rock fan shudder with glee! When it comes down to it, World On Fire is simply an outstanding example of why rock n roll will never die! The album runs the gambit from soft to heavy rock sounds while also having some truly emotional bluesy songs like Battleground. 

Until now, the battle for Album Of The Year has been a three way battle between Seether’s Isolate and Medicate, Anberlin’s Lowborn, and Mastodon’s Once More Round The Sun. Slash’s new album though is definitely now a front runner featuring some of the most genuine rock n roll tunes to come out this year! Seriously, you’re doing a disservice if you don’t at least give this album a chance!

Favorite Songs: Beneath The Savage Sun, The Dissident, Safari Inn, World On Fire


Reincarnate - Review

I’ve always had a bit of a beef with the companies Rise Records and Fearless Records. Since I’ve learned of their existence, I’ve always felt like the majority of the bands both record companies work with all sound the same. That isn’t to say I hated all of them, there were a few that I thought were genuinely good bands like Crown The Empire, Memphis May Fire, and Mayday Parade. Recently I saw on Kerrang that Motionless In White was streaming their new album. Being the music hunter I am, I clicked the link and listened to their new album. I was basically blown away. I instantly downloaded their first two albums, Creatures and Infamous, and I can honestly say that Motionless In White is probably the best band Fearless Records has. The band has also restored my faith in all the genres of rock that end in “core.” Now, onto the album at hand!

Reincarnate definitely sounds more similar to Infamous than it does to Creatures. Having listened to all three albums, I don’t think that’s such a bad thing. I never understand how some fans want their bands to sound the same every album. Wouldn’t that get boring? Motionless In White definitely leans closer towards mainstream rock in Reincarnate, but their message is as prominent as ever: “I am who I am and if you don’t like that, then fuck you!” They really do create their own “Horror Metal” genre with songs like Death March and Final Dictvm. When Motionless In White isn’t screaming into the mic, Motionless further experiments with his best Marilyn Manson impression. Seriously, there are points in the album where he sounds like Manson. If that’s not your thing, then maybe nit pick around those songs, because the Manson doesn’t come out for every song. 

What makes Motionless In White so much better from the other extremely generic bands in their genre is that Motionless In White has a sense of maturity about them that most other bands don’t. Their lyrics are extremely dark and always have deeper meanings than they appear. The band also experiments with their sound often keeping them from growing stale in the ever boring genre the band is in. Yes there are some heavier songs that resemble Creatures like Carry The Torch and the title track, but the band DOES experiment with songs that resemble Infamous’s songs. It’s a bit of both worlds.

Motionless In White knows what is most important for a band: Maintaining what the band is and who they stand for. The band can experiment with their sound as much as it wants as long as the band doesn’t change why it makes music or their message. Motionless In White offers up another, dark and experimental album with Reincarnate that should please all their fans, and hopefully pull in newcomers. This newcomer will definitely be keeping his eyes open for the next time they tour near him! 

Favorite Tracks: Death March, Puppets 3 (The Grand Finale), Break The Cycle, & The Final Dictvm


Ten Rock Band Exceptions Gene Simmons Forgot


Foo Fighters

As a reminder, for those reading these from #1 to #10, these bands were placed in no particular order, and I didn’t include Nirvana because Gene gave them props. For one to say that people will forget a band like the Foo Fighters is a downright crime. Everything about the Foo Fighters defines Rock N Roll: it’s just a group of guys playing music out of pure passion. There’s no computer created sound in any of their music and they’ve released and the band is constantly changing up their recording process. Wasting Light was recorded completely in Dave Grohl’s garage, and their upcoming album Sonic Highways has been recorded in eight different venues. Dave Grohl is also one of the best frontmen of all time both because of his musical prowess and the fact that he’s one of the most genuinely cool people you’ll ever read about. Dave Grohl is practically every and has done basically everything: he’s worn a prom dress, cameo’d in Tenacious D: The Pick Of Destiny, AND the Muppets, he’s a huge advocate for up and coming bands, and he’s gone on to say that Gangnam Style is one of the best songs of all time. Rock is simply about having a good time and expressing yourself, and if Foo Fighters haven’t done that, then who has? As Dave himself has said to Gene Simmons: “Not so fast God of Thunder.” Rock may have changed, but it’s nowhere near dead. Just because KISS is done, doesn’t mean Rock is. Please eat a dick. :)

Ten Rock Band Exceptions Gene Simmons Forgot


Avenged Sevenfold

This band is history in the making. One of the biggest metal acts currently playing, Avenged Sevenfold has experimented with several different styles until finding their most successful. Having the last two albums debut at #1, the band has found their niche, and with that has come an absolutely massive following. This year, A7X has been dubbed one of the biggest bands right now. The band draws huge crowds and has headlined more festivals than one can count. The band is also notorious for their diehard fanbase. The band will always be remembered for its legendary drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan and the theatrical, impressive live shows. Avenged Sevenfold will just keep getting bigger and bigger.

Ten Rock Band Exceptions Gene Simmons Forgot



Another one of those bands unlike any other, Disturbed is basically the biggest metal band out now next to Avenged Sevenfold.The band has currently released five albums and FOUR of them have been #1 on the Billboad 200. What other band has had a track record like that!? Frontman David Draiman has also been extremely active in regards to his religious and political views. Down With The Sickness which will forever be their masterpiece is played at basically every sporting event and is just one of the many hits the band has written. 

Ten Rock Band Exceptions Gene Simmons Forgot



The talk of the metal community right now is the return of Slipknot. Considered one of the best live performances in rock. Slipknot has earned a Grammy, received countless nominations, and has such a following, they started up their own demented carnival festival known as Knotfest. The band has been known for years as writing some of the darkest material that rockers and metalheads alike can listen to. Their music has so many layers of sound it borderlines insanity. Their style has been copied by bands like Mushroomhead, but being as musically talented as Slipknot, is basically impossible. 

Ten Rock Band Exceptions Gene Simmons Forgot



Korn has been one of the biggest metal acts for the last 20 years. Since their start, the band has been adding and forever changing what metal sounds like. There’s no band that sounds like Korn. Jonathan Davis is one of the best rock vocalists of all time with his incredibly unique voice and his funky beatboxing. Korn has earned two Grammys, sold over 35 million albums, had eight songs peak the Billboard top five, and has been nominated for countless awards. Korn also has some of the most hardcore fanbases I’ve ever personally experienced. 

Ten Rock Band Exceptions That Gene Simmons Forgot


System Of A Down

SOAD is one of the most absurd and insanely unique bands in all of rock. SOAD has written songs about pizza, spiders, and pogo sticks yet they’ve had three of their albums be #1 on the Billboard 200. Is the world losing their mind? Nope, SOAD is simply that good of a band. Their songs appear silly on the outside, but deep down there are meaningful messages to be had from all their works. The band often writes about current situations like war and political corruption making them not only relevant, but extremely memorable. With their unique style, and extremely memorable songs like Chop Suey, SOAD will not be forgotten. 

Ten Rock Band Exceptions Gene Simmons Forgot


The Offspring

Along with that little band called Green Day, The Offspring was and still is a huge influence on punk rock. Many rising punk bands credit The Offspring as an inspiration for their sound, and it’s easy to see why. The band has sold over 40 million albums in their career and made history by selling the most albums on an independent label (for Smash). The band has been around for 20 years and they still headline major festivals. When looking back at punk rock, one of the first bands people will look to is The Offspring.

Ten Rock Band Exceptions Gene Simmons Forgot



So according to Gene Simmons, every band after 1983 is irrelevant. The year after that, Soundgarden was formed. There really isn’t anything else that needs to be said, but here it goes. Basically any band that started the Seattle grunge movement could be on this list, but I’m including Soundgarden because not only are they (in my opinion) the best grunge band besides Nirvana, but the band was also the first to get signed to a label. Soundgarden also wrote Superunkown which earned two Grammys and has been quoted twice by Rolling Stone as one of the best rock albums of all time. It’s a shame they didn’t come together in 1983… oh wait.

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